Speaker Timing/Signal Lights

These signal lights / timing lights are a low-cost, convenient way to assist speakers and moderators in marking elapsed time. They are battery-operated, manually switched, and small enough for portability.

Signal lights mark predetermined, elapsed time at lectures, forums and legal proceedings. They help the speaker maintain the pace of his/her presentation. The lights help build speaker confidence in speech delivery. Also, they help the speaker from going beyond his/her allotted time. These low cost, portable lights aid the moderator in keeping the speakers and presenters on schedule. Automatic lights are fun and user friendly.

Automatic Timing Light with LCD readout. Details located on the Big Daddy page.

Meet the growing family of speech timing and signal lights:

The original decor Ivory box

The little brother frosted black box

The Big Daddy very tall textured black box

Shorty the small black automatic box

Manual operation or Automatic operation

"Shorty" / "L'l Betsy" / "Big Daddy" / "Frosty"

Ivory Decor ~ Big Daddy ~ Frosty Black

These signal lights and timing lights have been especially constructed for use in club meetings, conferences, for a variety of events including government meetings where the official, host or toastmaster requires specified timing limits for speakers and announcements.

> Bright LED front panel lights
> LED back panel operator lights
> AC power adapter for the Big Daddy
> Turn knob light control
> Sound indicator for the blind (available)
> 1 - 2 year battery life ( 8 AA batteries )
> 3 year limited warranty

Shorty Box is 8.75" H x 5.875" W x 2.5" D
Ivory Box 8" H x 5" W x 2-5/15" D
Big Daddy 17.25" H x 5.25" W x 3.5" H
This does not include turn knob and panel lights) Size is conveniently portable.

more details about the family of lights
and to purchase a light .

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