Paper Verses Battery Powered LED Lights?

The simple, illuminated way to show timing sequence.

Hold it Up!
Have you ever had to hold a piece of green construction paper in the air for at least one minute? Then replace it with a yellow piece for another minute? Then once again, replace the yellow with a red piece of construction paper to hold indefinitely?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you know how frustrating it is to have to signal the speaker his time sequences with sheets of construction paper.

Over Shoot the Mark
Have you ever been a speaker who kept looking for the green or yellow construction paper only to see a red one with the timer shaking his head or waving the paper vigorously to let you know that you have exceeded your allotted time by a considerable margin?

If you answered yes to this question, then you know you cannot depend on a paper waving timer to keep you on schedule with your speeches.

When a timer uses a timing light, he turns the green light on at the appropriate time. He leaves it on until it's time for the yellow light or the speech has ended. The same goes with the red light. When the light has been turned on, the timer need only be attentive to the clock. He won't have a leaded arm insisting he lower the colored paper prematurely.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention
In the year 2008, I was visiting the Chengdu Toastmasters Club in Chengdu, China. As a guest speaker, I found myself speaking straight into the yellow construction paper timing signal. What happend to the green signal? I asked myself. All too quickly, the yellow was exchanged for the red paper. I was embarrassed as I finished my speech past my allotted time.

Subsequently, I watched the timer as he signaled other speakers the sequence of colored signals. Much to my surprise, he flashed the green paper at the appropriate time. I say flashed since he held it up for only three seconds. The same was repeated with the yellow and the red. If the speaker isn't watching as the papers appeared, he wouldn't know the time passing.

Research and Development
Following this incident, I ventured to the electronics district in Chengdu where I found all the necessary parts to build my first timing light. That light continues to be in use six years later at the Chengdu Toastmasters Club. Since then, I have manufactured thousands of timing lights and have shipped them to several countries as well as here in the United States.

The lights are simple to use, yet effective. Speakers easily see the steady streaming lights as they appear. The timer need only reach up to the control knob from time to time to switch the lights from off to on, from green to yellow, and from yellow to red.

The Safety Factor
I've seen various timing lights used in Toastmasters clubs in many places, from the club level to the district level. The greatest hazard I have seen with most lights is the fact that they are powered by AC and plugged into the wall electricity. Someone could easily and carelessly trip over the power cord feeding the light, fall and break his neck. This is wrong. Most Toastmasters have no clue as to equipment safety and the city code that calls for these utility cords being taped down so that no one will trip and cause injury.

Hence, the battery powered light! No cords or wires streaming across the floors, walkways, and other traffic areas.

Compact & Versitle
The timing lights I build are compact, yet very visible, light weight, decorative, and easy to use. They are constructed with high intensity LEDs for the speaker to see and panel lights for the timer to see. The batteries can last up to three years. However, I recommend changing them once a year to protect the light from possible damage do to occasional battery leakage.

It is time to retire the paper and move up to the classy battery operated timing light. If you are in a Toastmasters club or other organization requiring indication of the passing of time, treat yourself to a battery operated timing light from Timing Lights by Web Wizard.

Decision to Buy
These timing lights are hand assembled with many parts custom cut, soldered, glued, and drilled. The price is modest especially since the manufacturer has great confidence in the quality of the timing lights and guarantees them for three years. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want fatigue free time sequencing indicators?
  • Do I want compact size?
  • Do I want cordless, safe operation?
  • Am I willing to spend a modest amount of funds for a device that will serve my needs?
If so, click
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Speech Timing Light

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