Stopwatch by Bodytronics

The simple, single-function Stopwatch.

Simple to use event stopwatch featuring unmatched quality. Perfect for volunteer timing!

  • Simple to use start, stop, and reset operation
  • No additional modes to confuse or distract the user
  • Silent operation - no confirmation beeps
  • High quality tactile feel switches confirm button operation
  • Times up to 10 hours with 1/100 second resolution
  • Can be stopped and restarted for time out operation
  • Ergonomic case design for quality feel and comfort
  • Break-away safety lanyard included
  • Absolutely the simplest stopwatch to use - period
  • Powered by a long life type 357 battery (installed)
  • One year warranty

Most stopwatches are multi-functional. Therefore, the novice operator will often push the wrong button and render the stopwatch immediately useless for the speech timing. Minutes go by before the operator or another person corrects the problem.

This stopwatch is single function. It is a good size measuring about 3.5" x 2.25" plus the lanyard. It has two Start/Stop buttons for use by right or left handed persons. Its center button is the Reset button. SIMPLE!

The easy to read digital face is comfortably read by older eyes as well as younger eyes.

This Stopwatch is available in black only.
The watch can be purchased with a Timing Light or separately.

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