Warranty Service Page
3 Year Limited Warranty
Warranty period begins day of purchase.

Damage due to mishandling, immersion in water or battery leakage is not included.

Batteries should be replaced once a year. See inside panel of unit for directions on battery replacement. Customers/members will be charged for leakage damage repair.

Should any light unit require replacement or repair, Web Wizard of San Antonio will repair or replace such unit as necessary free of charge to the customer.
Exceptions to this policy are mentioned above.

Before sending unit to the factory for repairs, follow the Trouble Shooting Guide below.

Trouble Shooting Guide
Symptom One or two lights will not light up or all lights will not light up:
Probable cause: (in most cases)
Battery(ies) could be installed backwards, no batteries, loose battery clip, dead batteries, and/or batteries have leaked and there is corrosion in the battery holder.
Action Check for proper installation of batteries. Check that battery clip is firmly attached to the battery holder. Clean terminals if necessary. Replace old batteries with new batteries; replace battery holder if necessary. (RadioShack® part number 270-407) Any damage due to corrosion is not covered under warranty.

Symptom Gold cap has come off of the switch knob body.
Action Glue cap on with epoxy (best), Gorilla glue, hot glue,
or white glue. (option: request a replacement knob)

How to Obtain a RMA #
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What seems to be the problem?
Front Green light does not work
Front Yellow light does not work
Front Red light does not work
One or more rear panel lights don't work
All lights don't work
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