Why Use a Speech Timing Light?

It is a small investment for a huge advantage.

Silent Sentry
A speech timing light is a silent sentry. It visibly yet quietly marks the passage of time of a given speech for the speaker. For the most part, the audience is totally unaware of the light’s indications. A responsible speaker does his best to stay within an allotted speech time. He uses the light to indicate the waning minutes of this allotted time.

Timing Light Verses Colored Paper
Colored paper does not attract the eye as well as a light does. Paper reflects light. The powered timing light broadcasts light. Therefore the higher energy is more quickly discerned by the human eye. In most circumstances, paper is held up by hand which is uncomfortable for extended periods of time. Timing lights rest on the table and are easily operated. They do not fatigue the operator.

Battery Verses Corded Operation
Many timing lights are made to operate by running an electrical cord to a 120VAC outlet. Even though this is convenient cost wise, it opens the door to possible law suits. Should a member or guest trip on the cord which is often stretched across walk areas without being safety taped over, a person could trip on the wire, fall and get hurt. These battery operated have no external wires and are therefore safe for floor traffic.

Allotted Time
Most speaking opportunities are imbedded within a larger program which is regulated by an agenda. All respectable speakers do not want to extend their allotted speaking time when it will encroach on others allotted time. The timing light helps to keep all speakers on track with the agenda thus moving the meeting along successfully.

Some timing lights are large and bulky, even, unsightly. These timing lights are compact and small enough to fit in medium to large purses for easy transport. Because of their size, these lights are easily stored in most storage areas.

Decision to Buy
These timing lights are hand assembled with many parts custom cut, soldered, glued, and drilled. The price is modest especially since the manufacturer has great confidence in the quality of the timing lights and guarantees them for three years. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want fatigue free time sequencing indicators?
  • Do I want compact size?
  • Do I want cordless, safe operation?
  • Am I willing to spend a modest amount of funds for a device that will serve my needs?
If so, click
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Speech Timing Light

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